Lessons learned about the synthesis paper

I learned a lot about how technology is effecting our generation while writing this paper. I’ve never had to read multiple opinions on one topic and try and make them talk to each other until this paper. I found it very challenging at first. The easiest part of this assignment was to give my own opinion. I think technology is hurting how kids learn.


What do other bloggers write about?

Bloggers can write about personal interests, past events, theories, religion; pretty much anything they feel like sharing to the world. They also can give they’re own opinions, describe pics or videos that appear on they’re blogs.

Something interesting

This article is comparing Tiger Woods and Micheal Jordan. They both have had marital problems. Jordan also has a gambling problem. Both have been crowned “King” of their playing field. I picked this blog because its about my favorite athlete of all time, Micheal Jordan. This blog can be improved by adding a picture video of maybe Jordan dunking, possibly one of Woods teeing off.
Micheal Jordan and Tiger Woods Theory

Reflection on Rhetorical Analysis

I found it challenging to plan out my analysis at first because all i ever did in high school was research papers. It didn’t take as long as i expected to figure out what the authors Ethos, pathos, and logos appeals were because i learned about those in coms. I also learned a lot through the context i was writing about like when Stevens made an argument that Soporanos is making us dumber because of the complex plotlines.


9/11 hoax

My research reveals multiple conspiracy theories about 9/11. A few examples include,  foreknowledgement, insider trading, air defense stand down theory, and controlled demolition theory. After watching the documentry Zeitgeist, a documentary about 9/11, I beleive that the govt orchestrated 9/11 to happen by elements within the U.S. government in order to initiate panic, generate and justify the war on terror , provide a excuse for the draining of civil liberties, and produce economic gain. I plan on getting more information about this topic by re-watching the documentary, google-ing my topic, and finding a few books reguarding 9/11.